Helene Henderson: Owner of @Malibufarm


Helene Henderson of Malibu Farms talks to the Kor Shots team about her career path, what inspires her menu, her use of local ingredients and more.

Dr. Ron Maugeri


"Beginning from within." Walking into Ron’s practice, there sitting at the front desk is a plethora of our @KorShots that he gives to all who walk...

Koya Webb: Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor


   How has your health and food choices reflected upon you and your lifestyle?  Koya: How I nourish my body directly effects how I feel the next d...

Jay Zeballos: Jiu-Jitsu Trainer at JJM


“The only sport that doesn’t have a finish line.”  : Jiu-Jitsu Trainer.  When did you know it was time to transition from learning to teaching? Ja...

Shane: Malibu Safaris


Beyond the Grapes and exotic animals we met Shane who gave us tour of the Self-Sustainable garden in @Malibuwinehikes @saddlerockgardens

Ana Lemes: Artist & Woodworker 


Why did you choose this career path? Ana: It's always been a passion of mine. I wanted to create something incorporating recycled materials to hel...

George Clout: Surf Correspondent


Local surf corresponded, entrepreneur, family man, and squirrel caretaker.

Chef Oren Zroya


“A morning routine is essential for creating a productive and successful day. Besides kissing my beautiful wife, checking the surf, and preparing ...

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