No-Bake Sweet Dreams Cookies


Get sleepy with this No-Bake Sweet Dreams Cookies recipe incorporating our Sweet Dreams shot with 1 mg melatonin.

6 Tips on How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally


It’s time to learn how to sleep better at night naturally. Try these six tips to get into your sweet slumber sooner.

What is Bacopa Extract Good For?


What is bacopa extract good for? Learn how to use this powerful extract to increase your focus, improve your memory, and more. 

What Does Vitamin D3 do for the Body?


What does vitamin D3 do? Find out what this form of vitamin D does for the body beyond strengthening your bones. 

How Does Zinc Help Your Body?


How does zinc help your body? This mineral is essential for proper health function. Learn more about this essential nutrient needed for optimum health.

What Are The Healthiest Berries to Eat?


Check out our list of some of the healthiest berries to keep in your kitchen. Discover the nutritional profile and health perks of these antioxidant-rich foods!

Lime vs. Lemon: Why Both of These Citrus Fruits Are Healthy


Lime vs. lemon. It’s no contest; both of these small citrus fruits provide excellent health benefits. Read our post to learn how your body can benefit from each.

The Healthiest Greens You Can Add to Your Diet


Need a little encouragement to get your daily dose of the healthiest greens? Our list of the 15 healthiest greens makes expanding your palate that much easier. 

Your Workout Recovery Must-Haves Checklist


Every workout recovery period should be taken as seriously as the workout itself. That’s why we’ve created this recovery checklist for active individuals.

How to Manage Stress in Life with Food, Herbs & More


Everyone learns how to manage stress in life differently. For a more natural approach, consider these foods, herbs, spices, and more to curb your stress. 

5 Plant-Based Diet Benefits to Consider


Here’s a look at plant-based diet benefits to consider if you’re looking at ways to incorporate healthier eating options into your lifestyle.

11 Turmeric Recipes to Try at Home


In need of some epic turmeric recipes? In this post, we share ways to incorporate turmeric in everything from bread to stew and tonics to teas! 

Our Favorite Vegan Ingredients For Baking


Looking for the right vegan ingredients for baking? Check out our list of ingredients to make whipping up shareable vegan treats easy this holiday season!

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