Discover the 7 Best Benefits of Fresh Ginger & Ways to Enjoy It!


The health benefits of fresh ginger are seemingly endless.  Most notably, this root is as healing as it is delicious.  For thousands of years, fres...

These Spirulina Health Benefits Will Get You Excited to Eat Algae


Looking for an easy way to incorporate more “greens” in your diet?  Spirulina, a blue-green algae, should be at the top of your list. Celebrated fo...

Sea Buckthorn Berry Benefits: 9 Reasons to Try This Healthy Fruit


While it may be small in size, the sea buckthorn berry packs a nutritional punch. These orange berries are filled with nutrients including calcium,...

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheatgrass Health Benefits


Wheatgrass is more than just a pretty plant. There’s actually a lot more to it than being a perfect prop in a smoothie shop, although it's still a...

The Best Ginger Shot Recipe For Ginger Root Lovers Everywhere


Looking for a ginger shot recipe?  You’ve come to the right place.  An adoration of ginger shots is what KOR Shots was built upon. Our founder, Jo...

7 Surprising Uses for Activated Charcoal to Try at Home


If you’ve spent any length of time in a health food store, you’ve likely seen activated charcoal on the shelves. Uses for activated charcoal ranges...

The Quirky-Looking Pink Dragon Fruit is Full of Health Benefits


Pink dragon fruit may be quirky-looking on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts.  It’s sweet and oh-so-good for you.  Full of fiber, antiox...

Acerola Cherry: Why This Superfruit is So Good For You


You know oranges are full of vitamin C.  But did you know acerola juice is also known for its vitamin C goodness?  Acerola cherries — which produce...

How to Make a Ginger Shot From Scratch


You’ve heard about the health perks of ginger. That weird-looking yellowish-brown root is full of health benefits that make it easy to forgive its ...

What’s the Importance of Gut Health?


How much do you think about the importance of gut health?   As it turns out, your gut health — also known as your gut microbiome — has a lot to do ...

Helene Henderson: Owner of @Malibufarm


Helene Henderson of Malibu Farms talks to the Kor Shots team about her career path, what inspires her menu, her use of local ingredients and more.

Dr. Ron Maugeri


"Beginning from within." Walking into Ron’s practice, there sitting at the front desk is a plethora of our @KorShots that he gives to all who walk...

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