These Unassuming Foods Can Help You Relax Right Now


 If relaxing is something that doesn’t always come naturally to you, try incorporating these expert-approved stress-relieving foods into your diet.

7 Tips for Eating Your Way to a Better Night's Sleep


Optimizing what and when you eat before bed can reduce time spent tossing and turning. Read on for tips on developing a sleep-friendly eating routine.

10 Daily Greens That Aren't Kale


Ready for some new veggies? If you love the nutritious taste and crunchy composition of kale, there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy these lesser known greens

8 All-Natural Ways to Manage Inflammation, According to the Experts


Inflammation can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Incorporate these inflammation-fighting tactics, recommended by the experts, into your wellness routine.

How to Beat Stress with This One Delicious Herb (*Hint It's Passionflower)


Learn more about passionflower benefits and how it may calm your mind and your anxiety.

Boost Skin Health and Appearance with These 10 Foods (You Actually Want to Eat)


We all want great skin. For anyone looking to eat their way to a fresher face, we reached out to the experts for their favorite foods for boosting skin.

9 Essential Supplements For Boosting Creativity and Focus


To help you stay creative and focused throughout your busy day, we asked the 9 experts what all-natural supplements could help. Here’s what they said. 

11 Expert-Approved Ways to Fuel Your Body Better


 Want to know how to keep yourself feeling your very best? Here are 11 unexpected ways you could be fueling your body better, according to the experts.

How to Go on a Juice Cleanse without Becoming a Monster Person


Juice cleanses come with many benefits, including (but not limited to): increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, pumping vitamins into your system, boosting your immunity, flushing away energy-zapping toxins, and giving your gut a much needed break.

10 Itty Bitty Changes You Can Make to Rev Up Your Energy Levels


In theory, the 21st century was supposed to make our lives easier: instant communication, unlimited virtual possibilities, and high-speed, well... everything. Ironically, though, it’s the things that were meant to make our lives easier that actually make them harder. In our 24/7, digitally-connected, always “on society, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in everything, you leave your engine with nothing.

5 Turmeric Recipes for Leaning in to All the Buzz


Ready to give turmeric a try? Here are 5 impossibly easy weeknight recipes featuring the bright yellow ingredient the health world can’t stop buzzing about.

Acerola Is the New "It Girl" in Wellness, Here's Why


 New to acerola? We got in touch with a nutrition expert and gut specialist to answer your most important questions about the benefits of this superfruit.

This is Why You Feel Sick and Tired All the Time, According to Experts


It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit sluggish when you get back to your desk after lunch, but if you describe the hours of 8am-10pm as “the ol’ midday slump,” there might be something off about how you’re taking care of yourself.

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