Shane: Malibu Safaris

Shane: Malibu Safaris

Beyond the Grapes and exotic animals we met Shane who gave us tour of the Self-Sustainable garden in @Malibuwinehikes @saddlerockgardens

What was the inspiration for the a Self Sustaining garden?

Shane: “Having open land in the vineyard there was more than enough space to create a garden. It was something I knew very little about and brought in experts to guide me through the process. “

Were you surprised with the results?

Shane: “It was a learning curve but being raised in a family where vineyards were a part of our daily lives, it didn’t seem too far fetched. The biggest difference has been that the vineyards are all on the same schedule and growing different fruits and vegetables have their own timeline. “

What do you hope to do in bringing people to the farms to see the garden?

Shane: “To educate, it’s my favorite past time but to introduce to the community in how simple growing your own food and that you can do it anywhere with a little education and care.”

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