Dr. Ron Maugeri

"Beginning from within." Walking into Ron’s practice, there sitting at the front desk is a plethora of our @KorShots that he gives to all who walk in for a visit. Ron is a chiropractor known around town to those suffering from aches and pains who have experienced his healing hands at work. His love for Malibu began long ago, when the unpredictable waves, yet rhythmic ocean tides, combined with the natural beauty of his surroundings, slowly started to influence his craft. As a father and now grandfather, his strong sense of community and love for his family is well-rooted in this seaside city.

Along with his focus on adjusting and strengthening the outside form, Ron emphasizes the importance of what we put into our bodies and views it as a crucial component to overall health. The shot that he takes twice per day and recommend to all of his patients is Vitality. Being that it’s main component is turmeric, it works to naturally fight against those stubborn aches and pains, sending them away for good!

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