4 Recipes Featuring Probiotic-Rich Foods You Can Make Today


If you’re looking to boost your gut health by harnessing the power of probiotics, here are four delicious probiotic-rich recipes from our favorite chefs. 


5 Easy Breezy Plant-Based Recipes for Perfecting Your Summer Picnic


Summer is just around the corner, and outdoor picnics are sure to make their way into your plans. Of course, you’ll want to pack foods that are li...

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind: 6 Tips for Eating for Improved Mental Health


 Ready to fuel your way to a better mood? We reached out to some of our favorite wellness experts to get their input on healthy eating for a healthy mind.

Harness the Power of Antioxidants with These 8 Free Radical-Fighting Foods


To make sure your diet is filled to the brim with free radical-fighting foods, we reached out to the experts about their favorite antioxidant-forward foods.

These 8 Foods Promote Happier, Healthier Hair and Nails


Your diet doesn’t just affect your health, it also plays a role in your appearance. Here are 8 foods that promote healthier hair and nails, according to the experts.

7 Eye Roll-Free Methods of Mindfulness That Aren't Meditation


Not into meditation but want some fresh examples of mindfulness? Our post has seven ideas to inspire your next mindfulness move.

6 Sneaky Little Ways to Get More Vitamin C Everyday


We reached out to the experts for a few ways to add more vitamin C to your diet, and they provided responses that genuinely surprised us. Check ‘em out here.

8 All-Natural Headache Solutions Your Doctor Won't Tell You (But Probably Should)


Are you one of the 45 million Americans suffering from chronic daily headaches? Here are eight all-natural steps you can take to prevent and mitigate them.

9 Benefits of Spirulina, According to a Health Coach


We interviewed Health Coach Dr. Diane Neman Dr. Diane Neman about the incredible benefits of spirulina – one of the core ingredients in our Green Up shot.

5 Ways to Be Wildly More Productive (That Don't Involve a Second Cup of Coffee)


 5 wellness experts on how they stay focused and productive, so they can achieve their goals, without sacrificing their quality free time.

What Your Health Coach Really Wants You to Know about Spirulina & Wheatgrass


Curious why spirulina and wheatgrass are so super and how to incorporate them into your routine? We reached out to the experts for everything you need to know.

This Kale Caesar Salad Tastes Great and Relieves Stress


The ingredients in this anti-stress kale caesar salad were designed to work together in a way that relieves stress and brightens mood. Get the recipe here. 

Introducing KOR's Be Well, Get Well Shots


KOR Shots are intended as overall wellness formulas but can be optimized for maximum benefit. Learn when, how and why to take our Be Well, Get Well shots.

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