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Acerola Is the New "It Girl" in Wellness, Here's Why

Acerola has landed in the wellness-sphere, and it is making an entrance. You probably hadn’t even heard of this tropical superfood a week ago, and suddenly it’s everywhere you turn. Whether you caught wind of acerola at your favorite juice shop or locked eyes with a bag of it in the freezer aisle at Trader Joes, you have now entered its powerful radius. 

Much like its wellness hype predecessors (think: activated charcoal and wheatgrass), there’s a reason acerola is showing up in such a big way––it really is that good (and good for you)! 

So if you’ve been scratching your head at this new food fad that seems to be more popular than *gasp* acai, we’re here to fill you in. We got in touch with Nutrition Expert Skylar Buchanan to answer your most important questions about the newest “it” girl in wellness. Here’s what Skylar said:

  1. Hi Skylar! Before we start talking about the shiniest new addition to the wellness community, we’d love to learn a little more about you! Can you give our readers a brief bio?

    Hi! I'm a Holistic Nutrition Expert, Gut Health Specialist, and certified Integrative Nutrition Coach. I've spent the last several years empowering moms all over the globe to regain control of their health. With my one-on-one online coaching program, Revive., I help tired moms break up with fatigue, ditch tummy trouble, and lose weight, so that they can optimize their health, and reclaim their energy.

  2. We appreciate you conquering that cause––very in line with what we’re trying to do at KOR! Now that we’ve got the intros out of the way, let’s talk acerola. How did you first get introduced to this superfruit?

    I first came across acerola as I was browsing through the supplement aisles at my local health foods store. I hadn't heard of it but made a mental note to do some research and learn more. Once I dug into the research, I realized that acerola is a great way to increase my intake of certain vitamins and antioxidants without adding another pill to my supplement regimen.

  3. Ok, let’s get down to it––what is acerola?

    Acerola is a fruit similar to a cherry that is grown in warm, tropical climates. It's most widely available juiced, as a powder, or in tablet form.

  4. Here at KOR, we love to feel good! How does acerola boost our immune system?

    Acerola can support the immune system in a couple of different ways but the most prevalent is in its vitamin C content. The fruit contains an insane amount of vitamin C; 50-100 times the vitamin C content in an orange. Vitamin C can't be synthesized within the human body, so it's extremely important to ensure that we're getting an adequate amount of the vitamin through diet.

  5. We already know acerola is fantastic for your immune system, but how does it benefit that oh so important mind/body alignment?

    The fruit also contains high levels of polyphenols, which are compounds that support brain health, among other things. Polyphenols act as antioxidants, neutralizing any oxidative stress within the body and also help to reduce inflammation, both of which result in a boost in cognitive function, focus, and memory.

  6. We hear acerola is a natural astringent. Is it just as yummy for your skin?

    The vitamins and nutrients found in the fruit will naturally help boost your skin health, since they support the proper functioning of your system. Acerola extract can also be added to skin creams to help treat blemishes and improve your skin's overall appearance.

  7. Any other unexpected, top-secret, in the know, acerola benefits you want to let us in on?

    Pro tip: the extract has been shown to exhibit beneficial effects when used as mouthwash, because the fruit contains nutrients with antimicrobial properties. Give it a try!

  8. What’s your favorite way to get your daily dose of acerola?

    My favorite way to consume any vitamin or mineral is in the form that is least processed, so I typically reach for a juice or juice shot with acerola included––like KOR’s Immune+. If you can find the actual fruit at your local health store or grocery store, that works great, but acerola has such a short shelf life you're unlikely to find it if you don't live in its native regions or grow your own. Because of this, I typically reach for a juice or juice shot with acerola included.

  9. Do you have a go-to-recipe for acerola?

    I like to go to my local fresh juice spot rather than being forced to clean my own juicer. My favorite combos have been acerola paired with a medicinal mushroom, like cordyceps, chaga, or lion's mane and pineapple juice––delicious!

  10. We like to do healthy things the safe way. Are there any warnings associated with taking acerola?

    It is possible to get too much vitamin C and extremely high levels of vitamin intake can actually be prooxidant instead of antioxidant and cause mutations in our DNA. We're all bioindividual, so it's important to work with a health care provider who can dig into your unique needs and provide appropriate dosage guidelines. 

Ok so, acerola is good for your immune system, your brain function, your skin, AND yucky morning breath? No wonder it’s so popular! While it may be tricky to find fresh acerola at your local grocer, you can still harness the power of this incredible fruit with KOR Shot’s Immune +.

Packed with Vitamin C-rich acerola and immune boosting-Cordyceps mushroom and astragalus roots, Immune + is the most proactive approach you can take to feeling good day after day. 


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