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12 Refreshing Ideas of What to Do With Coconut Water

Wondering what to do with coconut water other than drink it plain? 

This potassium-rich drink is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to how many ways it can blend into other recipes. From smoothies to warm dishes, you can add it to a variety of meals for a healthy, tropical spin. 

Plus, it’s full of nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes to keep you energized.

Coconut water is a great way to add extra potassium to your diet while also keeping hydrated — especially after a particularly intense workout. Your body needs balanced electrolytes in order to keep fatigue, dehydration, and muscle tension away. Coconut water can help you restore those essential electrolytes, no problem. 

Unsure of what to do with coconut water? 

Let us count the ways...

Here are 12 ideas to try any time you want a dose of refreshing coconut water!

1. Add it to Oatmeal

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Looking to reduce the fat in your morning meal? Try coconut water instead of coconut milk in your oatmeal. It’s full of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, so you’ll still get the health perks you need to start your day off right. Or, you can try half coconut water and half coconut milk to keep the richness of the milk in your oatmeal. 

2. Cook Rice With It

Add the sweetness of coconut to your next rice dish. Instead of using plain old water or broth, sub the liquid measurement with coconut water. You can add lime or lemon zest to the dish to add an even more tropical taste. This works for both brown or white rice!

3. Make a Vegan Curry

Is there anything more warming and filling than a tasty curry? Just cook the rice in the coconut water (see above!) to add even more flavor. Toss a handful of chopped veggies in along with the usual turmeric and coconut milk for a thick sauce and a filling meal.

4. Shake up a Cocktail

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While the coconut water may not balance out the dehydrating effects of alcohol, it will make your beverage even tastier. It also cuts out the excess sugar if used in the place of other sugar-filled mixers. Mojitos and sparkling gin-tonics mix well with coconut water. Not a fan of cocktails? Make a mocktail instead! 

5. Use it as a Smoothie Base

Skip your usual nut-based milk or water in your smoothie and opt for coconut water instead. When you drink coconut water post-workout in a smoothie, you’ll quickly restore necessary electrolytes to get you through your day. Plus, you’ll get an extra vitamin C boost and a hydration lift thanks to the coconut water.

6. Freeze it in an Ice Cube Tray

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For a sweet summer refresher, pour coconut water into ice cube trays and let it freeze for several hours. Once frozen, add it to regular water with fresh mint leaves for an infusion of flavor. Or, toss it into your homemade lemonade to balance out the tartness of the lemons. 

7. Mix it With a Shot 

Want a mega boost of antioxidants? Take your coconut water on the go mixed with one of our flavorful shots. VITALITY and WELLNESS taste great mixed with fresh coconut water because they’ve already got a coconut water base to blend right in! 

8. Make a Coconut Lemonade

Beat the heat — and hydrate while you’re at it — with some refreshing coconut water lemonade. Just mix up four cups of coconut water, five tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and three tablespoons of agave nectar for a tasty summer drink to cool you off ASAP.

9. Whip up Coconut Pudding

jars of chocolate pudding with cherries on a wooden chopping board


Craving something sweet? If you adore coconut-laden desserts, then you absolutely need to try creamy coconut pudding. Fresh is best, so if you can get your hands on a real coconut, get one for this coconut pudding recipe from DETOXINISTA, a website run by a certified nutritionist consultant. It’s a dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the added sugar you might otherwise find in store-bought brands.

10. Create a Coconut Water Kefir

If you’ve tried kombucha but not kefir water, you’re missing out. While store-bought kefir is often made with animal products like yogurt or milk, you can avoid that when you make your own. This delicious coconut water kefir recipe is simple to make. There’s also an alternative recipe on the Hello Glow site for cherry coconut water kefir. Want your daily dose of turmeric and ginger? Look up Hello Glow’s ginger turmeric kefir water recipe, too.  Bottoms up!

11. Freeze Your Own Popsicles 

woman holding a popsicle in a white kitchen


Popsicles are quintessentially summer. If you love these icy desserts — but not the store-bought ones full of sugar — consider making your own. If you’ve got literally no idea what to do with coconut water and don’t want to cook or drink it plain, give popsicle-making a try. Just buy some popsicle molds and fill it with coconut water to freeze overnight. Need some more flavor? Sliced fruits like kiwi and oranges or a zested lemon add another healthy flavor dimension, too. 

12. Try it in Your Coffee

Yep, you read that right. Skip coconut milk and try coconut water in your coffee for a chill version of your favorite morning beverage. French pressed coffee mixed with your preferred amount of coconut water and some ice creates a refreshing way to kickstart your day!

Now You Know What to Do With Coconut Water

Coconut water has a lot more uses than drinking it out of a cardboard box, huh?

It’s certainly more than a trendy beverage. 

In fact, as you can see from our list above, it’s the perfect summer drink and complement to recipes with a tropical flair. Next time you’re at the store, grab some coconut water to whip up one of the fun recipes above. 

Last but not least, if you’re feeling a little lazy, you can always just grab some coconut water and drink it straight. It’s a great way to naturally hydrate after a workout and has several nutrients your body needs anyway. Skip the sugary sports drinks and opt for refreshingly delicious coconut water instead!

Whether you’re looking for a drink with a little more flavor than water or a tasty new recipe to try, now that you know how to get creative with it, start having more of it!


Not a fan of straight coconut water? Try our coconut water-based shots blended with other good-for-you ingredients for a new flavor twist! BLACK MAGIC, GUT CHECK, WELLNESS, and VITALITY all contain the benefits of coconut water!

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