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What is Bacopa Extract Good For?

Looking for a brain boost?

If you want a natural substance to help with extreme focus, bacopa extract may be for you. 

Life has a million different areas that require our focused attention — from parenting demands to test-taking and everything in-between — that sometimes we just need a boost for focus.

Bacopa extract is a favorite herb in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine as an ideal supplement for those who get distracted easily. Because of its cognitive enhancement abilities, it’s been used in history as a method to sharpen your intellect.

Other than focus, what else is bacopa extract good for? It has quite a few benefits, it turns out. 

In this post, we detail all you need to know about what it is, what bacopa extract is good for, where it comes from, and how to start using it.

What is Bacopa Extract?

bacopa plant on white backgroundBacopa monnieri is the official name of the bacopa. You may also hear it called or listed as an ingredient as brahmi, water hyssop, Bacopa monniera, and Herpestis monniera. For years it has been used as a medicinal Ayurvedic herb to enhance cognitive abilities. 

What is Bacopa Extract Good For? 

For over 5,000 years, bacopa extract has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Most notably, bacopa was favored for its sedative abilities and used to treat health conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and even epilepsy. 

What else is bacopa extract good for?

  • Boosts brain function/focus - Thanks to its nootropic properties, bacopa extract is good for and commonly used for improved memory and thinking skills. Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that it can safely enhance cognitive performance for aging adults.

  • Full of antioxidants - Bacosides are the active compounds in bacopa extract shown to help fight against cell damage. Bacopa extract’s antioxidant properties may help your body stay balanced to fight off certain health conditions.

  • Induces a sense of calm - While larger studies are needed, some preliminary research indicates that 12-weeks of ingesting 300 mg of bacopa extract daily can significantly reduce mental health conditions like anxiety and depression in older adults. 

  • This ancient herb’s treatment uses have ranged from fever and inflammation to anemia and even hoarseness. The freshly-extracted bacopa leaf juice has also been used as a mental stimulator and to treat rheumatism.

    Where Does Bacopa Extract Come From?

    Bacopa monnieri is the official name of the bacopa. It comes from a perennial with purple flowers and oblong leaves that are normally found in warm wetlands, mostly native to India and Australia. It’s also grown in rice fields throughout the United States and East Asia. 

    How Can I Take Bacopa Extract?

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    You’ll find bacopa extract comes in a variety of forms to take. You can find it in natural food stores and purchase it through online retailers as well. Typically, you’ll find manufacturers recommend taking it between meals and with a glass of water.

    It can be found in multiple forms, including:

    • Capsules
    • Powder
    • Tinctures
    • Organic shots like our FOCUS FUEL

    As with most supplements, remember that several factors come into play when it comes to dosage. You’ll need to take into consideration your health, age, and any other medicines you’re taking. Always check with your healthcare provider prior to using any herbal supplements if you’re taking medications or have specific health conditions.

    Increase Your Focus Naturally With Bacopa 

    Whether you’re a weary parent or an overworked individual, increasing your focus is always a good idea to stay efficient and productive in all areas of life.

    Trying bacopa is one way to enhance your cognitive abilities. Whether you try a tincture, a supplement, or a capsule, a nootropic like this herb may be just the natural remedy you need. 

    Much research indicates that bacopa will increase focus along with improving your memory and reducing anxiety. For anyone who needs to hyper-focus or a stress-reducing supplement, this extract is certainly worth a try.

    Want to give this ancient herbal a try? Our newest shot, FOCUS FUEL introduces the powerful benefits of bacopa. Order your case today and see how your attention improves and your focus increases! 

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