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How to Make a Ginger Shot From Scratch

You’ve heard about the health perks of ginger. That weird-looking yellowish-brown root is full of health benefits that make it easy to forgive its odd looks. 

It has everything you can ask for in a super health food: 

  • Tons of flavor 
  • Fights germs 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with digestive issues
  • Full of antioxidant properties

There seems to be a thousand ingredient uses for this flowering plant that originated in China: everything from Chai tea, stir fry, and ginger root tea, to name a few. But perhaps one of its easiest — and tastiest — uses in the kitchen is as a ginger shot

Shots are easy to make, fun to drink, and good for the gut. Not to mention, ginger juice shots are tasty and naturally energizing. 

Ready to learn how to make a ginger shot? We’ve got you covered. 

Below, we show you how to make a ginger shot from scratch at home.

    How to Make a Ginger Shot at Home

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    So, are you ready to start learning how to make ginger shots? 

    As an FYI: Once you get started, it can be addicting. You’ll feel naturally energized and the fresh taste of juice can’t be beaten. 

    If you’re a hardcore ginger lover, you can juice or extract straight ginger root and shoot it down. It will be spicy, but you can still reap the benefits of ginger if you combine it with some other ingredients, too. 

    Here’s a look at how easy it is to DIY ginger shot recipes at home: 

    The Kitchen Essentials

    To get started, you will need a few basic kitchen essentials. If you get the right tools for the job, it makes the process easier and more efficient. Here’s a look at a few kitchen gadgets you may want to purchase: 

    • Blender 
    • Citrus juicer 
    • Shot glasses 
    • Hand garlic press
    • 4-ounce Mason jars
    • Mesh stainless steel strainer 

    KOR Shots Pro Tip: If you can purchase a slow masticating juicer, it’s the best way to extract every last bit of ginger juice. 

    Ginger Lemon Shot 

    Get your daily dose of ginger with this easy-to-make shot! For the tang of lemon, you’ll need about 3 to 4 fresh lemons. Now, go get your ginger shot party on! 


    • 1/4 cup fresh raw ginger knobs 
    • 1/2 cup lemon juice  

    Optional add-ons:

    • 1 pinch of ground cayenne pepper
    • 2 tbsp coconut water (reduce lemon juice by 2 tbsp if you want to use coconut water)


    Step 1: Wash, chop, extract

    Thoroughly wash the ginger root. Remove the skin by using a spoon edge to scrape it away. Roughly chop it up and stick a small piece into the garlic press. Do this over your blender to catch the ginger juice. 

    KOR Shots Pro Tip: With a slow masticating juicer, there’s no need to remove the skin from the ginger root!

    Step 2: Juice your lemons 

    Juice your lemons with your citrus juicer. You can warm your lemons for 10 seconds in the microwave. This helps with producing more juice.

    Step 3: Blend ‘er up

    Mix the lemon juice in with the ginger juice. If you’re putting add-ons in, do so now. Blend until thoroughly mixed. 

    Step 4: Squeeze out the goodness 

    Once blended, place a metal mesh strainer over a bowl and pour the blended mix into it. Using a spoon, push the pulp against the strainer to get as much juice out as possible. You can keep the pulp to add to a smoothie; just be sure to use it within 24 hours.

    Step 5: Drink up!  

    Now it’s time to enjoy your shot! This particular recipe makes about four servings, so you can save the rest sealed up in the refrigerator for up to a week! 

    Hot Shot Tip: Leaving the skin on makes the shot that much spicier. Just chop and toss if you like a super potent ginger taste.

    This recipe is courtesy of the Green Smoothie Gourmet blog.

    Alternative Ginger Shot Recipes 

    Original ginger shots are concentrated doses of the spicy root, but you can add other healthy ingredients — like honey — to take out a bit of the bite. Here’s a look at some alternative options if you like your shots a little less gingery!

    Using the same prep method from above, here are some other options to enjoy: 

    Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shot 

    This five-ingredient shot is easy to make and includes two anti-inflammatory powerhouses: turmeric and ginger! With just 10 minutes to prep, you can enjoy this lemony-gingery shot in less time than it takes to make a trip to the store. 


    • 1 small orange 
    • 2 small lemons 
    • 1/4 cup chopped fresh turmeric 
    • 1/4 cup chopped fresh ginger 
    • 1/8 tsp fresh black pepper
    • 1/4 tsp oil


    Step 1: Wash and chop turmeric and ginger. If you like less spice, peel the skins. Place pieces into a high-speed blender. 

    Step 2: Juice your lemons and orange with a citrus juicer. Add to the blender and mix for 30 seconds. Add water —  if needed — to blend up well. 

    Step 3: Once blended, place a metal mesh strainer over a bowl and pour the blended mix into it. Using a spoon, push the pulp against the strainer to get as much juice out as possible. 

    Step 4: Enjoy! 

    This recipe is courtesy of the Minimalist Baker blog

    Apple Ginger Shot 

    Like something a bit sweeter? This will cut out the bite of the ginger with its perfect balance of limes, apples, and ginger root. Spice it up with a dash of cayenne pepper! 


    • 2 medium apples
    • 2 large knobs of ginger root
    • 2 limes
    • 2 cups of water 
    • Pinch of cayenne pepper


    Step 1. Core and roughly dice up apples.

    Step 2: Wash, peel, and chop ginger. 

    Step 3: Add all ingredients to a juicer or high-speed blender. 

    Step 4: Puree until smooth. 

    Step 5: Strain through a fine-meshed strainer. 

    This recipe is courtesy of the HelloFresh blog.

    Start Enjoying the Benefits of Ginger in a Daily Shot

    KOR Shots organic ginger and cayenne wellness shot in a glass


    Ginger shots are easy to make and you can doctor up the recipe however you like. This root is an ideal complement to many fruits, making it easy to blend and create a variety of wellness shots however you want! 

    As you can see, it’s not hard to learn how to make a ginger shot at home. 

    If you’re ready for our super potent, original ginger shot recipe, check out our founder Jordan’s secret original recipe here

    Whether you’re looking to soothe an upset tummy or just want a natural energy booster, you can get that and more with homemade ginger shots. Any time you need an immunity enhancement, make these recipes your go-to in the kitchen.

    Bottoms up!

    Too busy to make your own shots? Consider trying our pre-made shots shipped right to your front door! Our organic Wellness shot is quite potent, but oh-so-refreshingly balanced with California lemons. 

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