Athlete, Father, and Inspiration – An Interview with Rugby All-Star Perry Baker

Athlete, Father, and Inspiration – An Interview with Rugby All-Star Perry Baker

At KOR, we’re inspired by the things around us, like the incredible natural resources that provide us with our good-for-you ingredients and the many amazing people who use our cold-pressed juice shots to help spark their day. 

Among those people is the one-and-only Perry Baker (@pbake11). This Rugby player / Olympian / Loving Father exhibits everything that KOR stands for: health, family, and excellence. 

Because we’re so inspired by this top-ranking rugby player and mentor to countless young players, we wanted to introduce him to our community. We hope his athleticism and dedication inspire you to be the best you can be.

Introducing, Perry Baker – KOR shot fan and one of the best Rugby Sevens players in the world:


Perry Baker Rugby All Star


1) First things first, tell us a little about yourself.


I grew up outside of Daytona Beach, Florida, playing football. I continued on to play for Fairmont State University in West Virginia, then to the NFL, where I signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. After a torn meniscus took me out of the NFL game, I played for the Arena Football League for about two seasons. Soon after, I made the switch to rugby to go after my dream of being an Olympian.


2) How did you first get into rugby?


I actually first started dabbling in rugby in high school, when my position coach was playing for a local men’s club. He kept showing up at my basketball games, trying to convince me to go with him to a training session. I barely knew what rugby was back then, but when I finally went, I immediately knew it was a fit. I loved the sport and camaraderie right off the bat.My college scholarship led me to football, but I’m glad I eventually found my way back to the sport I enjoy so much.


3) What was one of the most memorable moments of your career so far?


Without a doubt, one of my favorite moments was my first home tournament (after 11 stops around the world) with the HSBC Sevens World Series in Las Vegas. While winning felt great, nothing could compare to having my parents, wife, and sons in the stands, cheering me on.

4) Tell us a little bit about your wellness routine. How often do you workout? 

Do you follow a special diet?

My body is naturally very lean, which isn’t the standard for rugby players. I look more like a basketball player or sprinter, while rugby players are typically over 220lbs and very, very tall.
I have to eat a lot to keep up with my metabolism! I don’t follow a strict diet, but I am cautious about what I eat, trying to fill up my body with good things.I work out most days of the week, which generally involves a combination of lifting weights and some running.

5) Do you have any wellness tips for athletes looking to enhance their performance?


Take care of your body. That’s your tool. That’s all you have.

Taking care of your body means stretching, getting massages, and investing in good supplements, like KOR Shots.

I was first Introduced to KOR by my mentor at a rugby combine. My profession relies on me always being around a group of people and shaking hands. My immune system needs to be on top of that.

If you want to be an athlete, you have to take care of your body.

6) Is it challenging balancing a family and an athletic career? How do you make it work?

It’s definitely a challenge. For example, I had training yesterday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, followed by an extensive recovery session. By the time I got home at 4:30, I already had to start getting ready for my son’s baseball tournament.

Fortunately for me, my sons are athletes too, so they understand everything the sports require. My youngest son told me recently that he wanted to play rugby and be an Olympian, so I dragged him out on a fitness test, and it was incredible to watch him really go for it.

Balancing an athletic career and a family can be tough, but it’s a joy to do. Your family gives so much to you, you genuinely want to find time to give back to them. My top tip for busy professionals trying to balance a family life is to keep a tight schedule. Plan for everything, and balance it out.


7) What are your goals for the next few years?


Besides playing in the Olympics, I want to buy a home in California where I live, play tournaments in the states, and transition more into coaching and teaching the game of rugby.

Rugby is’t a common sport, and when I was growing up it didn’t offer many scholarships or opportunities. I started the Perry Baker Rugby Camps to get more kids into rugby from a grassroots age and hope to continue with this mission.


8) What are your favorite KOR shot flavors?


I rely on Wellness, Potent-C, Immune +, Restore, and Green Up for keeping my immune system strong while I’m working.


9) How do you incorporate KOR shots into your wellness routine?


I take two to three KOR Shots just about everyday, depending on how I’m doing and feeling.

I usually start with Potent-C in the morning. Depending on what I did throughout the day (if it involved extra time with kids and parents at the rugby camp), I’ll add in an Immune +. I take Wellness just about whenever, and Green Up and Restore for an energy boost.

10) If you had one piece of advice to give to aspiring athletes, what would it be?

Make the most of your opportunities. They won’t always come around. 

If Perry Baker makes you want to be your best, give him a follow at @pbake11 and be sure to check out the Perry Baker Rugby Camp. As a quick recap, he stays on his game with his favorite KOR Shots: Wellness, Potent-C, Immune +, Restore, and Green UpIf you’re looking for a wellness supplement that stands up to the demands of this busy athlete’s career, KOR Shots are here for you.

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