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13 Real People Tell Us How They Really Use KOR Shots

KOR Shots give you the power to feel good, and feeling good makes you limitless. When your energy, clarity, and physical well-being are aligned and cared for, you are better equipped to unlock your fullest potential. 

We’ve developed our line of 11 small batch cold-pressed juice shots to spark your best self each and every day. The ingredients we work with, in the combinations we’ve concocted, have been time tested to keep your mind and body functioning at the optimal level. 

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There are so many ways to incorporate KOR Shots into your daily routine, and there are even more benefits for doing so. To ensure you’re making the most of your KOR shots, we got in touch with some of our most loyal customers to ask three very important questions:

  1. What's your all time favorite KOR shot?
  2. How, when, and how often do you take it? 
  3. What's the primary benefit that keeps you coming back for more? 

Thinking about getting started with KOR Shots, but don’t know where to begin? Here are 13 real life examples of real life people who are benefitting from these juice shots in a very real way:

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  1. Gut health is so important, and KOR Shots make it (delicious!) and easy to keep it in check.

    I started drinking KOR shots a few years ago, and from the first sip, I was hooked. It was all the new research on the importance of gut health that made me seek out KOR Shot’s Gut Check. Did you know that the strength and health of your immune system stems mostly from your gut?

    I tried very hard to get into drinking apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle, but let me tell you: there was no way I was going to make it a daily habit. If you've tried straight apple cider vinegar, you know what I mean.

    It was pure luck (and a SIGN!) when I locked eyes with the pretty purple Gut Check bottle in the wellness section of my favorite health food store. Not only was the taste so much better than any apple cider vinegar supplement I’d previously tried, but I loved the way it made me feel. I was less bloated instantly!

    KOR shots are easy to take, convenient to purchase, and delicious. I’ve made them a part of my daily routine. I wake up, drink my coffee and take my Gut Check like clockwork! Truly, I have nothing but amazing things to say about KOR as a company and the (now) many other flavors I've tried.

    – Courtney Stensland, @stensinthecity
  2. As good as coffee.

    I can’t live without the Potent-C! I take it every morning with my coffee. I just love the little burst of energy it gives me each day.

    - Paige Martindell, @paigeforres
  3. I never thought I could get such restful sleep. 

    My all time favorite KOR Shot is Sweet Dreams. It eases me into a deep, satisfying sleep without making me feel groggy the next day. It’s so effective, I only take a little at a time. I can use one bottle over three nights.”

    – Katie and Jenn, @moke_rose

  4. I love the anti inflammatory properties of Potent-C.

    I’ve suffered from Bell’s palsy and was paralyzed for 5 months. The anti-inflammatory properties of sea buckthorn are amazing, and it’s really easy to get your daily dose with KOR Shot’s Potent-C. I try to use it three to four times a week to fight the inflammation associated with my condition.

    – Katie B. Happyy, @katiebhappyy

  5. Ginger for energy.

    I’m obsessed with the Wellness shot. I like to take it first thing in the morning, straight up, with a water chaser. I’ve found that the ginger really wakes me up and keeps me energized throughout the day.

    – Erika Holden @Keepitrealwellness

  6. I have go-tos and rotating favorites.

    I always keep Vitality and Potent-C in my fridge, and a few other KOR Shots on rotation (depending what my current health focus is). Vitality relaxes my joints and helps me keep my diabetes at bay, while Potent-C gives me the added immunity boost I need to get through winter. It also just tastes great! Right now, I’m loving Gut Check for calming my stomach, and I’ve been trying to incorporate it more into my daily routine.

    – Rachel Forillere, @dogmomforillere

  7. I have a job that requires extra immunity support. KOR Shots do the trick!

    Intense defense and Potent-C are staples in my work/life routine right now. Being a flight attendant (especially in the middle of cold/flu/pandemic season), I need something powerful to support my immune system that tastes good enough for me to remember to take every day. Using these shots while I’m working and traveling has kept me healthy all winter long.

    – Ciera Jade Urichich, @cjurichich

  8. Good for mom AND for kids.

    My new favorite is the Intense Defense. I love the unique passion fruit flavor and added Zinc and Vitamin D boost. I used to take boring Zinc + D vitamins to boost my immune system, but now I take this fun shot instead! It has just the right amount of “kick.” My three year-old son’s favorite is “the dragon fruit one” (Restore), because “it’s kind of for little boys” (direct quote). I’ve been working for KOR Shots almost his whole life, so he’s had ‘lots of opportunity to try them all.

    – Heather Bessette, @hsbessette

  9. Potent C keeps me healthy.

    My all time favorite KOR shot is Potent C. I take it straight from the bottle every morning. It’s now an essential part of my morning vitamin routine. Since I’ve started taking it, I rarely (if ever) get sick, which is a huge asset for my busy, on-the-go schedule as a college football coach.

    – Ashton Washington, @aawashington_3

  10. A low-key hangover cure.

    If I’m being super duper honest, after a night out (some cocktails), I rely on a “pick me up” orange and carrot juice blend with a shot of Wellness. The Potent C is great on its own any time during the day when I feel like I could use a little boost, and the Green Up is a nice treat if I’m looking for the benefits of green juice but don’t have the time to make one.

    – Breanna Marie Serna-Ostrander, @Bmso_7

  11. A life saver for travelers.

    I’ve been taking KOR Shots every day for years. They help keep my immune system in check when I’m traveling for work. Before COVID, I flew every week for my job. As soon as I got off a germ-ridden plane, I would take a shot! When I went to fashion week, I made all my girlfriends buy them, so we could stay healthy and energized. I rarely get sick, and I know I owe it to my KOR shots.”

    – Jo Placencio @joplacencio

  12. Sleep deeper. Feel better.

    I recently started taking Sweet Dreams. Even though it doesn't always work immediately. I always feel like I sleep deeper when I take it.

    - Patty Geary, @orcageary

  13. I haven’t gotten sick since I started taking them.

    My favorite would have to be Potent-C, but Restore is a close second. I usually take my KOR Shorts first thing in the morning in one big gulp. I haven’t gotten sick yet this year, and they make me feel super refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Tiffany Mathis, @whenlifegivesyouveggies 

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The people have spoken, and they agree: KOR Shots energize you and keep your immune system on point, all while tasting great. The only hard part? Choosing the right shot for your wellness practice. Fortunately, we make it easy to get to know our customer favorites with our Rainbow Pack. It’s just as bright and vibrant as the six immunity-boosting, pick-me-up flavors it contains. Use it to find new favorites or to create a rotation routine.

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